LLABB is a state of the art, additive manufacturing facility being created and  tested in a private facility in the LES of NYC, with a final destination being planned for mid-2019 in Industry City, New York.

This facility will be the flagship manufacturing facility for  the Novae Res Brand , as well as a partnership hub for like-minded brands to do special manufacturing projects around the 4 pilars of our Company Ethos:

Tech Intelligence 

Over the course of 2 years we created a radically efficient, vertically integrated, on-demand manufacturing model powered by our proprietary software, Intelluxe™.  Intelluxe™ uses digital manufacturing and data science to streamline production and deliver product from ‘click-to-customer’ in 24 hours. Fully custom, no waste, no wait.


Creative Intelligence

 Design and craft is the beating heart of our passion for luxury. Not only do we bring decades of industry design experience to every collection, but our process allows for each bag to be finished and perfected by a team of luxury artists that bring authenticity to every piece we ship.


Social Intelligence

We are building a technology-driven facility and artist training program in the heart of Industry City, New York. Because we believe so deeply in invigorating America’s handworker economy we will be supporting local communities by employing and training-up a diverse new generation of luxury artists.


Environmental Intelligence

We apply the highest level of rigor and sustainability standards possible to sourcing all of our leather and hardware. We have relationships with the largest suppliers in America, Mexico, and Europe and work with them tirelessly to fulfill our commitment to sustainability.