NOVÆ RES is a New American Luxury Brand.
We combine artistry and technology to create pieces of exceptional quality, leaving no waste behind.
Every year, millions of unwanted products are made en masse only to be left to waste in a system that harms people and planet.

We set out to create a more intelligent way to make accessories of quality and integrity, right here in New York City. Our signature method makes every piece upon order, so there is no waste, no resource, and no unwanted product left behind. It's all made possible by combining technology and human craftsmanship, allowing us to produce with efficiency without sacrificing quality or artistry.
We believe that luxury manufacturing must become smarter, more sustainable and socially responsible.

We call our ethos Intelligent Luxury: an approach that blends tech, design, social, and environmental intelligence to create solutions, not problems, for people and planet. Our team lives and breathes that mission through our ever-improving sustainability standards, our tech-driven manufacturing model, and by hiring, training, and supporting a new generation of American luxury craftspeople.
NOVÆ RES is conceived, created, and manufactured in New York City.