A letter from the Founder

A letter from the Founder

There are two questions I am always asked about NOVAE RES. The first is “Why did you start NOVAE RES”. The inevitable second question is usually how? The why is simple. 

Over my 20 years as a leader in the fashion industry, I had an inside look into the hidden problems the industry doesn’t want you to see. And I was angry. Really, really, angry. 

I saw the wasteful practices, and the over-production of orders that would never be purchased. I visited and slept in the dorms with female factory laborers who lived a quality of life barely above slavery.   I saw the shady practices used by un-regulated overseas factories to sell us the least transparent and harmful to planet products, all for their own rising profits.

Each year 300 Billion dollars worth of fashion products are destroyed or go into landfills worldwide, and countless gallons of wastewater and chemicals go directly into the land and ocean. Predominantly this is due to fast fashion and mega brands and their relationships with Chinese and Asian factories who create these products and behave with complete disregard for the environment and their workers. So how is that Luxury? Most of the brands out there, even the ones you think are made differently, are made this way. 

This is a problem for people, and planet. 

I did not want to spend my life contributing to this problem. I wanted to be someone who stops it. Changes it. Evolves it.

I Knew I could do better. I knew it could be done differently.

So I set my mind on creating a new system that would eliminate as many of those problems as I could, 

While still making the beautiful legacy luxury products I loved to create. 

I pulled together a team of fashion industry rebels and innovators.  Together we created a system that could enable us to create, and manufacture our luxury products on-demand, ethically, transparently, sustainably, in our own tech enabled luxury laboratory here in NYC. Without Waste, Without inventory, without markdowns, overstock or deadstock. 

We create each piece in real time-when it is wanted. We are never actually “in stock”, but also never out of stock, and nothing is ever wasted. Due to our proprietary advanced manufacturing system and software,  we can react to customers orders in real time, all while maintaining our respect for fine craftsmanship, sustainable luxury materials. 

We are making the most intelligent luxury in the world, from customer order to out the door in 24 hours. 

We like to describe it in this way: We combine the craftsmanship of Hermes, with the speed of Amazon. I think you get the picture. 

We  launched NOVAE RES this year focusing on bags and small leather goods. Look out for new styles and fabrications coming your way in 2021 as well as our upcoming customization platform where you can completely style all the details of your bag including unique color combinations and other features. 

 Also In 2021 we are excited to announce we will be adding to our accessories offerings  the beginning of our clothing collection focusing on tech enabled, size inclusive, micro sizes-on-demand, sustainable luxury. 

 Welcome to our story. We are so excited about the future of our company, the future of luxury, and the future of the industry. 

Thank you for joining us on our journey and mission. You are family to us. 


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